Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Media Strategy

I understand that the ICAEW are using the services of Media Strategy, a PR firm based in London, to help them sway the membership in favour of the merger.

Media Strategy describe themselves, on their website, as being:

"London's fastest growing agency, specialising in corporate communications and government relations..."

I wonder what their advice to the ICAEW will be, and how much it will cost us (the membership)?


  1. We (CIMA) are not keen on a merger, you (the ICAEW Council)have hired spin doctors. Surely the proposals are doomed now.
    If I were either a CIPFA or ICAEW member I would not be happy at the what looks like a waste of my subscriptions.

  2. It would not be a waste of ICAEW member subscriptions were it either necessary or desirable but therein lies the rub.

    Perhaps the Royal "we" from CIMA would care to attempt a defence of the severe criticisms of "his" Institute. No informed ICAEW member would wish to merge with CIMA except possibly to educate them.

    Ken is absolutlely right in his wish to merge with ICAS but the incompetent and foolish spenders in charge of the ICAEW have blown that.

    Dr Wooller said "off with their Heads" and there are vast numbers who would agree.

  3. Jasper,
    you have shown in other threads that all you want to do is criticise CIMA, so why should I wish to attempt to reason with you?

    Ken asked posters to stop making personal comments. When you criticise CIMA you criticise fellow CCAB professionals. I suggest you do not post unless you are prepared to be constructive.

  4. Anon,

    Your CIMA President and CEO had many merger meetings in the UK and they also went swanning off to South Africa and Asia to meet ... how many?

    That, I suppose, was value for money?

    If ICAEW do not allow adverse comment to accompany their voting guff - then ........?

  5. Your CIMA Annual Report 2004 is so incompetent as to be pitiful.

    That is not personal. It is fact.

    ICAEW members who are in favour of a merger, or are as yet undecided, should definitely read it

  6. Anonymous,

    the only defence I can give is that at least they have stopped wasting members' money. The other 2 councils need to do the same.


    see my previous comment.

  7. I assume you have read this CIMA report. What do you think of it?

  8. Anon 11.25pm,

    are you asking me?

    Anon 10.05pm

  9. I just talked to a few of the icaew members who worked with me and said they are not going to bother voting as there are enopugh people who will reject the merger.

    I pointed out that the membership fee increases is a result of their lack of participation.

    I hope that all of you exercise your vote...whatever it may be.


  10. Anom

    Re not voting, that is a very dangerous strategy.

    The merger vote just needs a majority to pass. It is more likely that those who are in favour will vote.

    Therefore, a low turnout will favour the pro merger lobby. Just like the subs hike was passed, even though only 12000 or so voted.

    Please can everyone who opposes this make sure that you "get the vote out".

    Please get people to visit this site, and vote against.



  11. Ken is right in what he says.

    As a CIMA member I would also urge you to vote. If you defeat the proposal it will save us some money on a ballot!