Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Merge Like With Like

My thanks to the anonymous person, calling himself/herself XYZ, who sent me the following message today (exact quote):

"It is narrow minded to resist merger of icaew,cima and other accounting bodies".

I normally respond privately to private messages. However, no email address was provided.

I would note that I am not against the merger of "like with like". In a recent interview (featured on this site), published in Accounting & Business I am quoted as being in favour of discussing a merger with ICAS:

"Ken Frost, ICAEW member, who has set up a website dedicated to rallying members to stop the merger, says he isn't against consolidation.

'I would be delighted if we could enter into discussions with ICAS. We have to merge like with like,' says Frost

However, as repeated ad nauseam, I believe that the merger of CIPFA will dilute our brand.

We, if we wish to merge, must only merge "like with like"


  1. On this very site: it has been suggested, with detailed reasons, why CIMA is at best second rate.

    It is a question of right minded rather than narrow minded. Perhaps XYZ will say if he/she is prepared to debate this issue in fine detail.

    I doubt if XYZ or anyone will attempt to use logic to defend CIMA as that would be like playing Russian Roulette with all of the chambers loaded.

  2. Jasper,

    YOU are the most narrow-minded person I have ever encountered. Go back to your abacus.

  3. You obviously have met very few people and you are not prepared to argue your case.

    I cannot believe that too many ICAEW members would want to open their doors to people like you.

    Ken supports like with like but does he like CIMA?

  4. Ken:
    The CPA Ireland and ICAI could not come to an agreement to merge twice.
    They are alike and they should merged. May be you should start encouraging them first......or merge them with ICAEW.

    What do you said, Ken? :) Lets have 1 audit body in Ireland, Scotland and England (or may be two ie ACCA). Lets not have cpa ireland, ICAS, ICAI, ICAEW and ACCA/ May be we should encourage ACCA to merge with ICPAI to start?

  5. As said, I am more than happy for us (ICAEW) to engage in a meaningful dialogue with ICAS with a view to merging.

    However, given the fact that the ICAEW has annoyed ICAS over its preferred choice of name, there will have to be some bridge building first.

    I am still unclear as to why ICAEW did not at least attempt to dicuss merging with ICAS, before "going hell for leather" to merge with CIPFA/CIMA.

    The whole merger idea, and communication of the idea, has been very badly thought through by the ICAEW.


  6. Jasper,

    If they did open the doors I would only enter if there was no-one like you there.

  7. Please can we desist from the personal swipes at each other.



  8. Ken,

    I will stop. Sorry.

  9. My swipe is against CIMA and any of its supporters even if they are ill-informed ICAEW members.

    ICAS would be insane to consider a merger with ICAEW. In the right circumstances ICAS might execute a reverse take over or make regulations to allow current ICAEW members to join them (on a new and non-reciprocal basis).

  10. I simply don't get this 'diluting the brand' business.

    As an employer of members of all institutes I do not notice any difference in the quality of work or professional knowledge of accountants in different institutes.

    I am also confident enough of my own abiities and knowledge to not feel threatened by a merger with a much smaller body.

    I worry that some of the opposition smacks of the old-style, British protectionism that destroyed our manufacturing industry.

    If this was a business decision to be voted on by shareholders seeking to reduce costs and increase market share, we wouldn't hesitate.