Monday, August 08, 2005

CIPFA Regional Meetings

CIPFA is inviting their members and students to give their views on the proposed consolidation with ICAEW, at a series of meetings around the country.

The President of CIPFA, Vice President or immediate Past President or a representative will attend these events.

The announcement says that the agenda is deliberately unstructured to encourage a dialogue.

All meetings are hosted by the region in which the meeting takes place.

There is one important point that we should not forget, namely that the membership of CIPFA also have to approve of the merger as well as the membership of the ICAEW.

It would be highly embarrassing for the ICAEW if CIPFA rejected the merger.

One other point that caught my eye on the CIPFA website, is the fact that the CIMA logo is still displayed in the header.

CIMA, you will recall, have pulled out of the current merger plans. Is the inclusion of their logo on the CIPFA site merely an oversight, or has no one told CIPFA that CIMA have pulled out?

The timetable can be viewed via this link Regional Meetings.


  1. Technically, CIMA have not pulled out, they are sitting on the sidelines to see what happens. I know this is pedantic but I thought it worth making the point.

  2. After reading the last topic my interpretation is:

    CIMA are not even slightly bright but they do not believe ICAEW,

    CIPPFA are thick as two short planks and they do believe ICAEW.

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

    The only embarrassing event will be if ICAEW members believe these others are equal.

  3. Anom #1,

    Re being "pedantic" don't worry; we are accountants, it is our job to be pedantic:)

    Fair play to you, technically they are "sitting on the fence".

    However, as far as we the members are told, the vote in October is only for CIPFA. Therefore, CIPFA should not have the CIMA logo on their site.


  4. Ken,

    thank you for your reply. It's nice to know that despite my wife's accusations I'm not the only one!

    I agree with you about the logos.

    Now, to start an arguement (or hopefully a debate)I should like to publish the following viewpoint. I think it is a good reason for not merging, what do others think?:

    Surely as the only non-audit body it better for the profession for CIMA not to merge. Theoretically, any CIMA statement an audit should come from a point of view of "we're not auditors, we have nothing to gain from X, Y, Z." Even if CIMA agree with the rest at least they are "independant".

    Views please (without being personal or decrying other bodies).