Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The ICAEW is stepping up its advertising campaign, to promote itself as the top brand. It has launched its first ever cinema advertisement, which is aimed at students.

The advert is called "Blah won't get you far", and will be shown in 23 cinemas on or near university campuses across the UK. Sue Best, the Institute's marketing director, is quoted by AccountingWeb saying that is was "hopefully not something you would expect to see from the ICAEW."

Not too bad for a first attempt.

As I have noted before, I am pleased to see that the ICAEW have finally taken on board the message that our brand is a very valuable asset and should not be diluted.

Watch the ICAEW's new cinema advert here Blah!

Monday, October 08, 2007


I see that the ACCA have launched an ethics module as part of a drive to make ethics pervasive in the ACCA's exam syllabus.

Given that the ACCA believes that it is important to have a separate ethics module, and ICAS is introducing more ethics courses to its CA syllabus, why did the ICAEW abandon its plans for a separate ethics exam in 2005?