Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spinning The Myth

I see on page 98 of January's Accountancy that Clive Parritt (ICAEW Vice President) is still spinning the myth (first espoused by Anstee - "Mr Anstee said the two-thirds voting threshold had allowed 'the minority to hold back the majority' and it was 'not beyond the bounds of possibility' the institute would ask its 127,000 members to amend the constitution to lower the barrier.") that the majority of ICAEW members voted in favour of a merger with CIPFA in 2005.

Parritt is quoted:

"...within a members' organisation, a small but determined minority can sometimes frustrate the majority."

Clearly time has dimmed the ICAEW's memory, only 29% of the ICAEW membership voted in favour of the merger.

As I noted at the time, 29% is not a majority!

Which part of the word "No" don't the ICAEW understand?