Monday, August 13, 2007

One Off

It seems that the ICAEW controversial Malaysian advert, that sold the qualification short, was in fact a "one off".

Friday, August 03, 2007

Destroying The Brand

Accountancy Age report that the ICAEW has launched a campaign in Malaysia that seemingly sells the ACA qualification on the cheap, by offering members from rival bodies an ACA "without study or formal exams".

The advert appeared in Malaysian business magazine, The Edge. However, it has yet to appear in the UK.

I wonder why?

Age quote the ICAEW's response to the criticism, noting that candidates would still be "rigorously assessed" by an assessment committee:

"If this has been misinterpreted, for whatever reason, then details will be clarified at the workshops promoted by the advertisement. ICAEW is committed to attracting high-quality applicants through this innovative scheme which is receiving popular support in Malaysia."

Here are a few questions for the ICAEW:

1 Why is this ad campaign being run only in Malaysia, and not the UK?

2 Is Malaysia being used as a test bed for the advert, to see how strongly the members of the ICAEW react?

3 Why was the adverse reaction to the campaign not foreseen? Is this not what we pay PR and media people for?

4 Why are we offering our qualification to people without making them sit exams?