Friday, September 02, 2005

ICAEW Further Antagonises ICAS

The Herald reports that, in a move guaranteed to further antagonise the one body that we should be discussing merging with, Carl Bayley the Chairman of the ICAEW has stated that the merged institute will enjoy a huge rise in influence in Scottish affairs.

He claims that the removal of the "England and Wales" part of the name will eliminate the prejudice shown by the Scots to the ICAEW, which he says has had little influence to date in Scotland.

Des Hudson, chief executive of ICAS, is not impressed:

"The ICAEW is well aware of the concerns that ICAS has on their proposal to change their name to 'The Institute of Chartered Accountants'. The global convention for chartered institutes is, after all, to use the national designation in their names".


  1. Lets combine ICAS with ICAI, the members of WALES and ICPAI.
    Membership would be around 30 thousand!!!

  2. Very hard on the non-Welsh - but at least ICAS might just consider such a proposal.