Sunday, December 04, 2011

Accountancy Asleep At The Wheel

Kudos to Christie Malry, of FCAblog, for highlighting Accountancy's faux pas over their article about Anton Colella being appointed CEO of ICAS.

As Christie points out, Anton has been CEO of ICAS since 2006.

I dare say that Accountancy may not be delighted to have this error so publicly pointed out, and could possibly strike Christie from their subscription list.

Oh, hang on a minute, Accountancy will be charging for their services next year (as the ICAEW has parted ways with them). Therefore it is up to Christie and others as to whether they choose to continue to subscribe to the magazine (£79.20 per annum), and/or pay the absurd charge of £239 for access to their website.

Can you guess what they will choose to do children?

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