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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Road To Nowhere

As noted on this site in July, the ICAEW is parting company with CCH wrt publishing a monthly magazine for its membership and will use another publishing house.

As from February 2012 Accountancy (as published by CCH) will be subject to a number of changes:

- Instead of being free to all ICAEW members, Accountancy will be £79.20 per annum (£99 to non-members)

- The previously free Accountancy website will now only be available for an annual subscription of £239

- The website address has switched from www.accountancymagazine.com to www.accountancylive.com.
Given that ICAEW members resent having to pay (within their subscriptions) for a magazine that is invariably binned still in its shrink wrap cover, I cannot see that they will be prepared to stump up an extra £79.20 per annum for another magazine covering the same issues that their new Institute magazine will presumably cover.

As for charging £239 to access the website, well that's just daft!

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  1. Too expensive. Why did cch deal collapsed with ICAEW