Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Overwhelming Support?

Quote from yesterday's ICAEW press release:

"Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales have given their overwhelming support to proposals that will enable the Institute, over time, to broaden its portfolio of qualifications for finance professionals in response to market needs.

At a special meeting of members, held on 6th June 2006, over 88% voted in favour of the resolution that enabled the Institute's Council to create new qualifications and schemes for the awarding of diplomas and certificates subject to Privy Council approval

The 88% does seem to be "overwhelming"; until you realise that for each of the special resolutions less than 20000 members (16%), out of approximately 128000, voted in favour.

I don't know that I would be so keen to trumpet that as "overwhelming" support.

Ian Morris, President of the Institute is quoted:

"The strength of the Institute is its membership and I'm delighted with their support for this year's annual and special meetings.

The vast majority have voted in favour of the resolutions we put forward, a very visible demonstration of support for our strategic direction

I am afraid that I must disagree with the above statement.

The vast majority have not voted, in fact over 80% of the membership have not bothered to vote.

That is not a vote of confidence in the strategic direction of the ICAEW, nor a very visible demonstration of support, but a clear signal of apathy and disengagement.

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  1. All ICAEW members were invited to vote and 88% chose not to. That is their right and they made the decision. They obviously believe that those with greater understanding of the issues faced by ICAEW know what is best.