Thursday, June 29, 2006

An Invitation

Council members are invited to post here, or email me directly, any news items relating to the current ICAEW Council Conference.

I regard the attitude of the ICAEW, as quoted by Accountancy Age, re questions over the Durgan Debacle as being a "private matter for council" as being contemptible.

I offer those members of council, who actually respect the membership, an opportunity to tell the membership what is really going on in their ICAEW. I will maintain your anonymity should you so wish.

The days of deals being done in smoke filled rooms are over.


  1. On the one hand, Graham Durgan spent £1 of his own money on acquiring EMI and he receives no remuneration from the ICAEW. He declared his interest and took no part in the, Morris/Anstee et al, decision to reward EMI with a "gratuitous" amount of some £400,000.

    On the other hand, Eric Anstee is paid some £400,000 per annum to screw the ICAEW into the ground. He, together with Druckman and Morris, spent more than £1,400,000 of membership money on an abortive, foolish and foolhardy venture.

    Who is preferred: the honourable, astute business man and educator or the fools who presided over the present fiasco; and, I repeat, who leaked this storm in a teacup to The Independent?

    There can be no whitewash - the whole can of worms needs a full and impartial review. Surely?

  2. Great news - Anstee has stepped down with the weakest of watery explanations. Will Morris now do likewise?

    We still need a proper review and we still need to know who leaked the the Durgan story to the media.