Thursday, June 23, 2005

Row Between ICAS and ICAEW Deepens

Des Hudson's (Chief Executive of ICAS) article about the proposed ICAEW merger, which is published today in Accountancy Age, has raised the hackles of the ICAEW.

In the article Des Hudson says that the merger is based on "unproven beliefs", and that a "monolithic institute" would not be more effective.

He goes on to say that ICAS sees considerable benefit in an "exclusive and unremitting focus on chartered accountants".

Eric Anstee is reportedly so incensed, by what he calls "spoiling tactics", that he has threatened to "realign" the ICAEW's funding of CCAB; he may even withdraw ICAEW from CCAB.


  1. Anstee should not be permitted to drive a wedge between ICAEW and ICAS in a pointless attempt to promote some town hall accountants to our Institute.

  2. Des Hudson commented in a measured and professional manner and tone.
    It is reported that Eric Anstee (seemingly the most important voice to emanate from the ICAEW in 125 years) responded with childish spite and threatened to stop the game by taking "his" ball away.
    Would those in agreement with Eric please comment; however, if you do not agree with Eric you are obviously too stupid to comment.
    I may, and do, think Eric Anstee to be a useless, incompetent and overpaid megalomaniac. He will doubtless think the same of me. There is of couse no logical reason we can't both be right.

  3. Looks to me like Eric is acting like a little spoil brat.

    On a side note, a few days ago, I met someone with a EU designation that ICAEW recognised as equivalent. He wanted to write the ICAEW aptitute test to become a member and was told he cannot because he is not a EU resident. What I do not understand is the past year, ICAEW have argued that they will not become one of the biggest ...yet they are setting up road blocks.

    I say allow him to write!!! Don't stop him just because he is not a EU resident.