Friday, June 10, 2005

12% Vote For Subs Hike

In a staggering display of apathy, a mere 12% (15000) of the membership of the ICAEW bothered to vote on the proposal for the 9% subscriptions hike.

63.7% of those who could be bothered to vote, voted in favour of increasing the basic member subscription by 9%, to £252 from £231.

I hope that the 111000 members, who could not be bothered to vote, feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

If this level of apathy is repeated in the merger vote in October, the ICAEW may well win the vote; even though the majority of the membership will not have made their voices heard.

I hope, that more of the membership votes (even if it is in favour of the merger) in October.


  1. What worries me most is, the majority will not bother voting on the merger.
    The end result will be like the same as those of the subscription increases.

    We need to make sure everyone send in their vote and make it count.

  2. I fully agree with you, turnout will be crucial.

    I hope that more of the members vote than did so in the recent subs hike vote.

  3. Shortly after I qualified back in 1968 the then Council tried to push a merger through. Having worked hard to become a chartered accountant I was distraught to think the Institute was proposing to make all sorts of other accountants "chartered" without them taking the same exams I'd struggled to pass.

    A colleague in the office assured me it wouldn't happen. He said that by and large the members don't vote on any issues that are put to them other than merger proposals. He said when they were asked to vote on that they would throw it out.

    He was right and of course I hope the same thing happens to this latest proposal to merge with the town hall accountants, but that doesn't stop me worrying !