Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Timetable Slippage

The timetable for the ICAEW putting the merger proposal to the members has slipped rather dramatically.

The original intention was for CIMA, CIPFA and ICAEW to put the proposals to their members in the spring of 2005.

Now with CIMA having dropped out, the ICAEW are working on bringing CIPFA into the fold, with a vote by Autumn 2005; whilst trying to persuade CIMA to come back.

The ICAEW, according to their website, expect to put the tripartite merger to the vote by 2006.

Quote from ICAEW website:

"On 24 February 2005, we jointly announced a two stage process to consolidation. The first stage involves the integration of CIPFA and the ICAEW on detailed terms to be put to our respective memberships no later than autumn 2005. The second stage is the revision of detailed proposals and the blueprint for a new constitution that address the specific needs of CIMA. CIPFA and the ICAEW will work with CIMA towards a mutually agreeable outcome. Subject to the success of the negotations (sic), proposals will be put to the memberships of all three bodies as soon as appropriate and no later than 2006."

That's quite a timetable slippage; not to mention the wasted time, effort and money.

1 comment:

  1. If the merger was a match made in heaven, why the delays fater delays?

    I would like the ICAEW membership to put forth a resolution forcing the council to account for all the money they spend on the road show!!!!!!

    Sometimes I wonder if the true reason why ICAEW is persuing these merger is to cover their pension shortfall???

    What benefit does the merger have other than money and assets in the other bodies???????