Thursday, January 27, 2005

Have We Already Merged?

There is an interesting public difference of opinion being aired on accountingweb, between Jeff Wooller and the ICAEW.

Nothing new there, you may say.

However, the issue that JW raises is relevant to the merger plans.

It seems that the director of training and education, Brain Chiplin, departed in November due to ill health.

Now the odd thing here is that this fact was only made public, when JW raised it in December.

The fact that there is no permanent replacement in the role yet is, according to JW, down to CIMA; who, he alleges, are annoyed at not being consulted over the advertisements for the post.

Now, if JW is correct, this means that CIMA already seem to have a say in ICAEW policy; this despite the fact that the members of the ICAEW have not yet voted against the merger plan.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who can confirm, or deny, this story. It is less than satisfactory to find out that we are being "steamrollered" into a merger, by giving outside bodies a say in ICAEW policy.

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