Monday, January 17, 2005

Freedom of Information Act

A very robust campaign is being waged by Jeff Lampert, who asked the ICAEW to provide him with papers relating to a complaint about KPMG.

Lampert is now trying to invoke the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which he believes covers the ICAEW.

Essex University accountancy professor Prem Sikka has chipped in, arguing that; since the ICAEW acts as a regulator, it functions as a public authority.

In other words it is covered by the FOIA, needless to say the ICAEW disagrees.

The full debate on this issue is detailed on Accountingweb.

If Jeff Lampert manages to invoke FOIA, it should have positive consequences for the Stop The Merger campaign; it will enable people to extract the details of the costs of this merger proposal, the costs of the roadshows and details of council meetings from the ICAEW.

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