Monday, May 13, 2013

Do Something Political - Vote!

It is time once again for members of the ICAEW to vote on the AGM resolutions, included within which is the annual increase in subscriptions (this time 3.1%).

Whether you think an increase is justified or not, I urge you to vote.

I would note that despite the fact that many private companies and public ones have resisted increasing their charges over the past few years, the ICAEW without fail continues to increase its subscriptions; almost as though it feels that it has a God given right to do so (or could it be something to do with the enormous hole in its pension fund?).

Hence I have voted against such an increase.

Despite the increases in subscriptions every year, last year the turnout was shameful; less than 6% turnout!

As I wrote at the time:
"Unsurprisingly of those members of the ICAEW that could be bothered to vote, a significant percentage (almost 20%) voted against an increase in the annual subscriptions.

Accountancy Age reports that of the nearly 8,000 members that voted, 19.8% voted against an increase.

The ICAEW has over 138,000 members worldwide, the turnout of less than 6% is a disgrace and shows an alarming disconnect between the bunker in Moorgate and the membership who live and work in the real world
There is currently a lively discussion on a Linkedin thread about the fee increase. Given that people feel so strongly about the issue, for heaven's sake vote!

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