Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Membership Derides ICAEW's Stance on Tax Avoidance

The membership of the ICAEW, who have taken Accountancy Age's poll on the ICAEW's stance on tax avoidance, have given the ICAEW a hearty two fingered salute.

Accountancy Age reports that "strong opposition" has been voiced against the ICAEW's move to outline how advising on aggressive tax avoidance is a potential disciplinary matter.
"Three-quarters of the 60 readers polled online by Accountancy Age said they did not agree with the ICAEW's decision, while 17% were completely behind the move. Some 5% agreed, but felt the guidance was too vague, and 3% were unsure."
Doubtless those residing in the ICAEW bunker will be bemused, bewildered and dismissive about the result.

However, those who reside in bunkers would do well to listen to voices outside if they wish to retain office!

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  1. Given the hardening of the public's attitudes to tax avoidance perhaps it is those accountants repseonding to the survey who are in the bunker rather than the ICAEW. I know some accountants go out of their way not to be "with it" - but even in their case there are limits. Perhaps a little humility is now in order given that accountants hardly covered themselves in glory in warning us all about the impending financial crisis and how we would have to pick up the tab for the banks they declared solvent! I know auditors were never meant to be bloodhounds but when did they change from watchdogs to bankers' lapdogs.