Monday, May 07, 2012

Cameron Lambastes Accountants Again!

I see that Cameron is lambasting accountants again:
" David Cameron has warned that the Coalition risks being seen as a “bunch of accountants” unless it “focuses on what matters” in the wake of last week’s dismal local election results."
It looks like the letter from Michael Izza was not enough.

As I wrote a few days ago:
"Izza should not be too surprised at the barracking about tax avoidance and accountants from Cameron, Osborne and their ilk. Their background means that their financial affairs are handled by trusts and (ironically) accountants. They have no real world interaction with HMRC or the "mundane" daily matters of the finance that the rest of us have."
Maybe an open joint letter from the UK's leading accounting bodies is required, or maybe Cameron's accountant should simply go on strike?

I have Tweeted to tell him to stop this nonsense, I suggest fellow members do the same and make #accountinggate a trending topic.


  1. Thanks Dave. So what would you prefer to be seen as? A banker?

  2. Thanks for Tweeting @number10gov as well!


    @Number10gov @ken_frost @TimZones Please stop referring to accountants so negatively. Without us @HMRCgovuk would grind to a halt

  3. So 'bunch' is the collective noun for accountants? I guess it is better than 'wunch' for bankers, but not as flattering as an 'eloquence' of lawyers.