Friday, January 06, 2012

ICAEW Launches True and Fair Updated

The ICAEW has launched a new website "True and Fair".

"This site is here to help you find out anything you would like to know about the process known as audit - or to use its full title 'Audit of Financial Statements'.... was created by ICAEW, a world leader of the accountancy and finance profession, as part of its public interest charter to advance the theory and practice of accountancy, finance, business and commerce."

Fair enough, but why not launch this as a CCAB initiative, given that CCAB is meant to "provide a unified voice on matters of common interest"?

FYI, the CCAB website is currently "under construction".

By the way, the ICAEW have not used the domain names or, because they are owned by Omkar Joshi who is CEO of Company Reporting Ltd (a publishing business focused on financial reporting practices of public companies).

"Omkar's recent venture TrueandFair was acquired by Company Reporting Limited, a pan-European information service which reports on constantly changing corporate financial reporting practice; identifying actual year on year changes in the reporting practice and governance procedures of Europe's leading companies."

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