Sunday, April 27, 2008


It is clear that taxpayers, tax professionals and indeed those who work for HMRC are less than happy with the way that HMRC is being run;

-the failed merger with Customs,
-the ongoing "rationalisation",
-security issues, "customer" care,
-avoidance vs evasion
-and the politicisation of HMRC

are ongoing issues that need to be addressed.

The ICAEW for its part, does its best to push for improvement by lobbying the government and HMRC and by issuing press releases.

Unfortunately, the ICAEW is ham strung in its attempts to promote improvement by the fact that it still has to maintain good relations with the government, the technical nature of much of the subject matter (like it or not, the media and public are turned off by the technicalities of taxation) and that it is by its nature too polite.

Therefore I would like to remind those of you who would like to see an alternative form of critique about HMRC, less "soft cop" more "nasty cop" which is not written by committee, to visit

Those of you with self censoring browsers can visit the same site via the less "in your face" url

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