Thursday, June 21, 2007

U Turn If You Want To, Ken's Not For Turning

Today's Accountancy Age has a piece entitled "Long-term critics u-turn in institute cold war".

The article notes that I have stated, in an earlier article, that the ICAEW had "accepted the argument" that mergers would dilute the ICAEW brand.

I have no quibbles with that, and indeed am pleased that the AA article notes that I am unhappy about the size of council and "pension black hole".

I would also emphasise that wrt council, the Victorian nonsense of nationally unknown candidates being "elected" on a local basis, and candidates needing to be nominated, needs to be addressed.

The Victorian trading association model is no longer applicable!

However, I would tactfully like to remind Accountancy Age that the ICAEW (by accepting the argument made on this site for the last two years, that the ACA/FCA brand is superior) has in fact made a U turn, not I!

The AA heading is misleading.

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