Friday, April 20, 2007

ICAS To Go Global

The Scotsman reports that the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) is to unveil plans to offer its "Chartered Accountant" qualification worldwide.

ICAS's CEO, Anton Colella, is quoted as saying that he is identifying major capital markets for expansion:

"People are looking for a premier accountancy qualification and that's what we provide. ICAS-trained accountants have a global reputation and the term CA is well-known. I want people to see the institute as one of the nation's 'jewels in the crown'. I don't think Scots realise the impact it has on global business."

It seems that despite reports of being on good terms with Michael Izza, Colella has no intention of merging with the ICAEW:

"We will stay ICAS and we will not be merging with any other body; it's just not on the horizon. We are the oldest and first and want to stay that way."

The dividing line between ICAS and ICAEW policy is clear. ICAEW believe that size matters, and that growth should be achieved by the short term fix of acquisition and absorption. ICAS believes in growth through "student sign ups", by marketing its qualification as the brand leader.

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