Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Despite a recent report in Accountancy Age, quote:

"The ICAEW is revamping its syllabus for 2007, with a focus on ethics and allowing employees to choose modules relevant for their trainees".

It seems that the ICAEW will not be setting a separate Ethics paper in the revamped syllabus. This is somewhat baffling, as in 2005 the ICAEW had decided that the subject of Ethics was so important that it deserved a separate paper.

Whilst Ethics can be covered to a limited extent in the other papers, the ICAEW has sent entirely the wrong signal to the world by not setting a specific paper on the subject.

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  1. Perhaps the Institute had not realised that in making Ethics a full paper it would have to drop one of the other papers!

    If the employers are able to choose which papers the students can sit there would not have been many takers for a full paper in Ethics!