Friday, January 05, 2007

Frost Selected For Honour

My thanks to my ICAEW colleagues who nominated me for the AccountingWEB New Year's Honours awards for "services to the opposition".

"Qualified accountant and AccountingWEB member Ken Frost was recommended by some of his fellow members for an honour. With a degree in economics from Edinburgh University, Frost joined KPMG in 1984 where he gained his accountancy qualifications.

With several years audit experience in businesses including Philips and De Beers, Frost is best known for his outspoken comments on the ICAEW. He has been most vocal in his opposition to the institute's attempts to merge with other accountancy organisations.

In 2004, Frost set up the 'Stop the Merger' website where he regularly voices his opinion on the issue. Frost is currently seeking support to stand as a candidate for the ICAEW council.

Member's reason for award:

'Sir Ken Frost sounds about right. He has done the most for the ICAEW in recent times and his messages now command widespread support amongst its members and students'

1 comment:

  1. This accolade is well deserved.

    I tried to nominate him for the Accountancy Age Personality of the Year but this required greater computer skills than I possess.

    I will try again this year.