Monday, September 04, 2006

Money Talks

Those who tried to water down our qualification last year, by diluting it with other brands, may care to read the following Reuters article:

"The average total pay package offered by investment banks and other financial services employers in the City for Associate Chartered (ACA) accountants is now a record 65,000 pounds a year, according to a study by recruitment firm Morgan McKinley.

'The continual rise in total compensation packages for these individuals is testament to the value they place on the qualification as well as the desire to secure these individuals in what is an extremely tight candidate market,' said Robert Thesiger, chief executive of Morgan McKinley

Money talks, it is clear that the market recognises the value of the undiluted ACA/FCA qualification; it is a pity that those on the ICAEW who tried to push last year's botched merger through did not value it as highly.


  1. The average plumber working in London earns more than the average pay of an ACA being £65,000

  2. Maybe so, but is the average plumber:

    -as happy
    -as free
    -as fulfilled
    -as respected
    -as ethical
    -as creative
    -as individual

    as the average accountant?

    Views anyone?