Monday, May 08, 2006

ICAEW Media Blitz

I read the various media placements from the ICAEW, published by Accountancy Age and Accountancy, over the last few days with interest. These placements were in the form of interviews with Eric Anstee (CEO of the ICAEW) and various other senior members of the ICAEW executive.

You will note that I have used the words placements. Although the articles were in the "form" of interviews, it is very clear by the timing and co-ordination that this is in fact part of a media campaign being waged by the ICAEW to improve their damaged image. There were no counterpoints presented, or indeed requested, by either Accountancy Age or Accountancy.

I think it fair to draw the following very general conclusions:

1 The ICAEW, by presenting other members of the executive, are trying to draw the sting from the regular criticisms leveled against Anstee that he is solely responsible for the merger debacle; and that the executive of the ICAEW is a one man band.

2 Anstee states categorically, when asked if the ICAEW will try another merger vote, "I hope so".

We can therefore expect to go through the whole expensive procedure again, before the end of next year.

3 The ICAEW will continue over the coming months to try to present a favourable media image. It is to be hoped that the media remember that there are two sides to the coin.

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  1. Apparently not - none of this is online at either the Age or Acc Mag.