Thursday, February 23, 2006

CIPFA and CIMA Secret Discussions

I understand that, contrary to the media spin being pumped out by the ICAEW that merger plans are for the moment not being pursued in the immediate future (taken to be up to the end of 2007), Eric Anstee has already had meetings with both CIPFA and CIMA over the last few weeks with a view to restarting merger negotiations.

Any further information on these meetings would be much appreciated.


  1. (1) ICAEW have no authority to try again.

    (2) CIPFA sure don't need a third insulting defeat.

    (3) Whatever CIMA top brass think - the grass roots would turn it down (perhaps a few Branch Presidents would care to comment).

    It only takes 250 signatures to instigate drastic action - doesn't it? How do such foolish people get to run the ICAEW?

  2. My mate saw Anstee tonight, in a London fish bar buying:

    1 haggis n' chips (for Ian Morris)

    1 pie n ' chips ( for Freer)

    1 creosote n' chips (for Himself)

    1 plate of mussels - wonder who they were for.

    Anyway, they must have just finished their secret merger discussions.

  3. Who counts

    In theory there are three methods of computing the margin by which ICAEW lost the recent Consolidation vote. In the real world there is only one:
    2 x 19,322 - 37,004 = 1,640 = 2.9%.

    Also, how many staff did ICAEW have
    when Eric Anstee became CEO;
    how many staff does it have taday; and, how many staff does it forecast employing at 31/12/2006?

    Assume that Eric Anstee had a personal rating of 65.7% on 25/10/2005. On a poll today, who now thinks that his personal rating would reach 50%?

  4. There are lots od merger discussion going on out there than we know.


    Jason , 02 March 2006 @ 10:32 AM
    ICAEW Strategy
    Besides battle field in China, perhaps ICAEW should set out plan to pre-empt the India market before ACCA send troops landing there. Possible tactics include forming joint qualification scheme with ICA India like ACCA and ICPA Singapore.
    In view of stagnant growth in student number ICAEW should seriously consider offering direct membership admission to overseas bodies of accountant (non-CCAB in competition) especially those statutory recognised CA and CPA bodies in G4 +1 countries. Examples such as CICA in Canada, ICAA in Australia, ICANZ in New Zealand and AICPA in USA are viable targets to pitch membership for ICAEW.

  6. "NEVER GIVE UP". Keep pursuing merger!

    I like that attitude of Eric.

    Unlike ICAI/Irish CPA, the whole merger story goes down in history as a failure, full-stop.

    WHY NOT - study the failure, to learn how to un-fail.

    How many times have we been told to learn by unlearning?

    Thus, you can Unfail by failing first time, thus, learn from failures to Unfail.