Friday, December 02, 2005

Message To Editor Of Accountancy

December 2005 edition, Page 37 quote:

"..,while 65.7% of ICAEW members backed the (merger) proposal."

29% actually.

Get it right!


  1. Ken,

    So, they, Accountancy and its Editor, are as incompetent and dishonest as Eric and others.

    Please feel free to forward this to the Editor as the last time I saw Accountancy was last century

  2. talk about pathetic - when will you understand that those who didn't vote don't count?

  3. Anon,

    You, like Eric, fail the joint tests of logic and arithmetic.

    The NO vote won and who now wants to merge with whom?

    Get a grip on reality.

  4. Using Mike Buxton's logic the Labour Party did not win the last election.

  5. Tony Blair, and thus "Labour", has the target of 50% of young adults obtaining a university place.

    Now: say, 25% of young adults with degree-level ability choose instead to work and have income.

    That means there will be tens upon tens of thousands of unfortunate people with at best a fourth class degree.

    Anon, I trust you are not quite so dense as to escape the inference!

    The world is littered with nasty, incompetent and dishonourable people like Eric.

  6. "The world is littered with nasty, incompetent and dishonourable people like Eric"

    Yourself included.

    And if this personal remark offends you then stop being so offensive about others.

  7. I made the remark so how can it offend me. It does not alter the fact that you, like Eric, are a person of small brain.

    You may have the last word if you wish as I will not bother to reply.

  8. Let's be thankful for that!!

  9. AccountancyAge today p11 under OCTOBER. "The ICAEW and CIPFA finally saw their plans to merge scuppered by a poll of members in which the proposal lost by 540 votes".

    19322 actually voted N0.
    2 x 19322 - 37004 = 1640.

    How can a major magazine remain incompetent.