Thursday, November 24, 2005

IFA Rumour

The printed version of Accountancy Age has printed a rumour today, that the ICAEW may be having talks with the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) about a possible merger/closer collaboration.


  1. Ken,

    There was one apparently sensible comment on this subject together with many silly comments on AccountingWeb.

    Personally, I hope it is true; then you/MAC will definitely be able to have Eric's guts for garters.

    It looks as though ICAEW staff numbers have risen by some 10% since Eric arrived. Why? Why is ICAEW/Orange required and what else is of doubtful value?

    There are some major questions to be answered but a 'cost reduction programme' would quickly solve the financial problems including the pension deficit.

    ICAS have no desire to merge at all and who else, at CCAB membership level, apart from CIPFA, wants to merge?

    Eric has change mania and he is a rude and arrogant man who has not even mastered the basics of English or arithmetic so what is the point in listening to him?.

    So ACCA business model is different but that of CIMA is not (they both have more students than members and operate in some 150 countries) and why wouldn't we all like to be conned by Media Strategy (the scum of the PR world) and pay for that pleasure? Why is it necessary to spend £millions on air travel at this time of cheap communication?

    The current President, Ian Morris, and his predecessor, Paul Druckman, should also resign immediately because they were incompetent in every important respect and they also abused the English language, the trust of at least 19322 members and their prestige positions within the ICAEW. Messrs Morris and Druckman are "free" though expensive and unwanted but how much, if anything, is Eric worth?

  2. MAC v MAD. How are the mighty fallen!

    MAC = Members Against Consolidation = protection against foul conditions
    v = versus = against
    MAD = Morris, Anstee and Druckman = foolish and insane

  3. Trust and obey = Trust and decay.

  4. MAD are gutless; thus no garters.

  5. A/Age today, 1/12/2005.

    ICAEW syllabus delayed - refers to staff movements between ICAEW, CIPFA and ACCA. Doubtless these are "red ring" positions involving huge salary increases and other incentives.
    Worse, the article says ICAEW are expected to boost staff numbers by 26% in the next 12 months - 25% is one thing but 26% implies big numbers (even if it only applies to the Learning and Professional Development department).

    Anstee is clueless, careless, useless and incompetent. He is a blot on the face of the earth (not merely the ICAEW and the Profession) and maximum pressure should be exerted to get rid of him; now.

  6. The BBC is reducing its Finance Staff from 650 to 310 in the next year then to 260 by 2007 (it is reported today 1/12/2005).

    Come on Eric - comment truthfully.

  7. I say, come on Dennis. Investigate and comment.

  8. Per AccountancyAge letter from Mark Spofforth, Chairman, ICAEW Learning and Professional Deveopment Board.

    So, the Institute has invested an ADDITIONAL £1.9m with 23 MORE (thus 110 total) people joining the team (IN ONE DEPARTMENT).

    Think about it?

  9. It is not necessary to pass, or have passed, any professional exam to be an IFA member. That does not of itself imply anything bad but neither is it good news.