Thursday, October 06, 2005

Many Oppose The Merger

The Times notes today that the proposed merger between the ICAEW and CIPFA "faces opposition from many members of the ICAEW".

The article then goes on to add that "many believe the ICAEW will find it difficult to obtain the two thirds majority required".

Funny that Accountancy didn't note the large scale opposition, in their October edition?

The Times article even mentions the existence of website opposing the merger; again, funny that Accountancy didn't mention this?

The Times also has another article, which outlines the history of the previous failed attempts to merge.

In this article Damian Wild, editor of Accountancy Age, is reported to doubt that the ICAEW will succeed in its attempts to merge with CIPFA.


  1. I would like to thank Ken for this web site.

    It is very entertaining to read the posts. I never knew Accountants could get so animated.

    I was wondering, have any of you actually changed your mind as a result of the discussions?

  2. In a word - no.