Wednesday, May 25, 2005

CIMA Don't Want To Merge

Accountancy Age reported, earlier this month, that both the ICAEW and CIPFA are struggling to gain support for their merger vote in October. Additionally, they are having trouble convincing CIMA about the merits of the plans.

CIMA announced in May that it would still consider joining, if its new proposals were met.

There's the rub!

The sticking points include the higher fees for CIMA members, and concerns about the merged Institute containing an ICAEW dominated charter and council.

Roland Kaye, CIMA president, is quoted as saying that the merger proposals "did not yet recognise the distinctiveness of CIMA".

In other words, CIMA will only merge if they are treated as unique; which of course entirely negates the rationale for the merger.

As noted many times before, this merger proposal is being made up as it goes along.

Council have failed us, it is time that they were removed and restructured.

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