Friday, April 08, 2005

The Costs Keep Rising

I draw your attention to the following post, made on the previous article, by Kamran:

"I live abroad and am yet to receive the April edition of Accountancy. The ICAEW is sending it to me anyway.

In fact, just to promote this silly merger, the ICAEW is sending a copy free of charge to each of its 125,000 members. Can you imagine the cost!

I haven't yet received April's Accountancy, so from what is said in the magazine, are there indications that this previously rejected ridiculous merger will go ahead?

If it does, then I will join a breakaway Welsh Institute or whatever alternatives are available.

I find the above story about the free issue of Accountancy, if it is true, to be a pretty poor use of our subscription fees.

How much of our money is being spent by "our" Institute in trying to convince us of the merits of this unloved and unwanted proposal?


  1. It takes a few seconds to post a brief response - I'm with Ken.

  2. On this story, I emailed Accountancy about it; they said that they could not comment.

  3. Ken, yes, the April 2005 issue of Accountancy Magazine is DEFINITELY being sent FREE OF CHARGE to all ICAEW members.

    I didn't know about this until I received an e-mail from ICAEW confirming this. The ICAEW website also confirms this.

    Below is a link to the relevant ICAEW web page (called Consolidation update):,MNXI_79713

    (If the above link doesn't work, then just copy and paste the above into the address bar of your Internet browser)

    The last paragraph of the relevant ICAEW web page says:

    "The draft proposals for consolidation are available on ICAEW and CIPFA websites and have been sent to the members of both Institutes via Accountancy magazine (ICAEW members) and Spreadsheet (CIPFA members)".

    With 125,000 ICAEW members and the magazine costing £ 2 each, not to mention postage and administration costs, this is a simple matter of £ 250,000 wasted on just one small aspect of this silly merger. This is just a drop in the Ocean compared to what the total costs of putting forward the merger proposal will be. And what is being proposed is a merger that was comprehensively rejected by ICAEW members not so many years ago. The vast majority of the ICAEW members that voted against the earlier failed merger are still ICAEW members. Yet we have the same item on the agenda once again!