Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Newsflash...No News As Yet

The joint statment has finally been released, one day later than promised, by ICAEW/CIPFA/CIMA.

"Proposals to consolidate the accountancy profession were reconfirmed by the Councils of CIMA, CIPFA and ICAEW at their meetings in December.

CIMA Council decided that the detailed proposition presented to each Council needed further work but agreed to continue with discussions

Roland Kaye, CIMA President, said:

A huge amount of effort has gone into defining the shape of the new Institute. Each organisation has distinct strengths and defined interests and it is important to get the proposals absolutely right. Our Council concluded that the current proposals did not yet recognise the distinctiveness of CIMA.”

The talks will continue, and a further detailed proposition will be reconsidered by all three Councils. If the Councils vote in favour, then this will lead to a member vote in the summer of 2005.

The timetable is slipping, the original vote was planned for Spring 2005.

It looks as though CIMA are not yet on board. So, it seems that the merger proposals need to be worked on more; before they are given to the members to vote on.

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