Name: ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)
Founded: 1880
Headquarters: Chartered Accountants' Hall, London
Offices: UK, Beijing, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore
Members: Over 138,000 chartered accountants around the world

The ICAEW's Vision
"Our vision is for ICAEW to be acknowledged as leading the global accountancy and finance profession, so people can do business with confidence.

We will achieve this by fulfilling the objectives set out in our Royal Charter. These are to:-
  • Advance the theory and practice of accountancy, finance, business and commerce.
  • Recruit, educate and train a body of members skilled in accountancy and finance.
  • Preserve at all times the professional independence of accountants.
  • Maintain high standards of practice and professional conduct by all members.
  • Advance the profession of accountancy.
We believe in acting responsibly, in the best interests of our members and the general public. We act with integrity, creating effective partnerships with organisations and communities worldwide to ensure the highest technical, professional and ethical standards."
The ICAEW is a professional membership organisation, supporting over 138,000 chartered accountants around the world. Through its technical knowledge, skills and expertise, it provides insight and leadership to the global accountancy and finance profession.

ICAEW members provide financial knowledge and guidance based on the highest professional, technical and ethical standards.

The Council is ICAEW’s supreme governing body, responsible for oversight of its activities. Council agrees ICAEW’s strategy and budget, delegating day to day operation to committees and staff.

The majority of Council is elected by ICAEW members, supplemented by co-opted and ex officio members. This is to ensure that Council represents the main sectors and interests of the whole membership.

ICAEW’s Board has overall responsibility for ICAEW’s planning and budgeting process and the development of policy.

It is supported by four boards that oversee the main areas of ICAEW activity - Professional Standards Board, Learning and Professional Development, Member Services and the Technical Strategy.

The Executive Leadership Team is responsible for the delivery of ICAEW’s operational plan. It also has an important role in helping to shape ICAEW strategy. It is supported by the management team which includes Departmental Directors.

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