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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Logical Paradox

Last year the leadership of the ICAEW were trying to persuade us that members of CIPFA and CIMA were our professional equals, and that we should merge into one body.

Having failed to push the merger vote through, this year they announce a new initiative to enable members of the ACCA, CIMA and CIPFA to qualify for membership; provided that they have at least five years of professional experience, and pass an entrance examination equivalent to the advanced case study set for ACA finalists.

Do these two policies not strike you as being somewhat contradictory?

How can in 2005 the ICAEW push for members of CIPFA and CIMA to merge with the ICAEW, without the need for an exam, yet this year they need to sit an exam?


  1. CIMA should reciprocate but require a decade of experience and two case studies before allowing ICAEW members to join their ranks.

  2. Ask Mad Den. If an inveterate liar claims to never tell the truth; that is a similar paradox.

    The whole question hinges on lies and/or stupidity.

    Is there no current or former ICAEW staff member prepared to spill the beans on Eric?

  3. By having an entrance examination equivalent to the case study the Institute will be able to maintain the ACA brand quality. For this reason we should endorse the ICAEW decision. Passing the case study is a difficult task.

    Any new members admitted via this route will rightly able to call themselves Chartered Accountants since they will have sat the relevant entrance examination.

  4. A 50% pass mark is a joke for all institutes. Nothing to take pride in and it provides qualifications for idiots.

  5. Anon 3.22pm

    Please could you give me the reference for your statement that the pass mark for the Eaxm of Enterance will be set at 50%.

  6. The logical paradox reported on the main page is not a paradox at all.

    Finally the ICAEW Council have listened to the MAC members and results of the MORI poll.

    We wanted to maintain the quality of our ACA brand and in introducing an Exam of Experience as a prerequisite to membership the ACA brand will be maintained as the Gold Standard.

    In admitting only the best ACCA, CIMA and CIPFA members our brand will be enhanced.

    I do not understand why MAC members are not applauding the Council for listening to their concerns and acting accordingly.

  7. If the merger issue were finally put out of our misery, then I would agree with you.

    Unfortunately, the ICAEW seem intent on forcing the issue on us again next year.

    Therefore there is a paradox.


  8. 72.8% of candidates passed the November 2005 ICAEW Advanced Case Study.

    Only those with second rate minds could describe the exam as a test of professional competence.

    Do not insult even ACCA, CIMA and CIPFA with 5 year PQE by offering this meaningless test.

  9. I have just received my application for membership pack.

    Does anyone know the rationale why the March and June entrance fee is £756, whereas the Oct fee £630.

  10. Presumably the current Annual Subscription is £252 and the joining fee is £504.

    Presumably you passed the Advanced CASE Study.

  11. When does the bomb go off? When will IFA staff move to Moorgate Place?

  12. Jason

    I personally don’t believe Eric will put forward the merger plan with CIPFA in 2007 since otherwise he won’t round such dirty trick to offer freebie ICAEW membership to all CCAB institutes. If he has got the confidence that the merger plan in 2007 could get enough members’ support then the rationale approach is to put the merger in ballots then.

    Failure in merger is a good new to CIPFA where their reputation and standing remains intact.

  13. Are you an out of the box thinker....Quite possibly not as Eric is now two steps ahead of you and I.
    The direct membership is a smart move. More still need to be done by him on offering those who have a EU designation and not those who hold an EU and a resident.
    Only enough members are admitted, the merger will be alot easier...
    1) those with 2 membership will vote to be one.
    2) People who have more than one designation are probably more open and willing to accept a consolidation.
    3) People with an ICAEW membership in a now where land can be great ambassador for ICAEW. He knows it, but he can't seem to know how to get these people to join!!!
    People...think long term. It is a chess game and Eric is now ahead of the game. What are you gonna do?

  14. I shall be most interested to learn if anybody is going to do anything, other than moan, about Eric.

    I'm certainly in favour of character assassination and I'd like to see Eric well and truly assassinated.

    Eric does not believe in truth and fair play so his opposers should forget democracy.

    His supporters will have fallen substantially. He a is proven loser.

  15. There is no status left in being a Chartered Accountant.

    I went speed dating last Friday and the profession did not elicit a positive response at all.

    I stated the facts :

    1) It is easier to sleep with a Chartered Accountant.
    2) We are wizards at double entry.
    3) You can count on a Chartered Accountant.

    I doubt the inclusion of ACCA, CIMA & CIPFA qualifieds can save the Chartered Accountant brand.

  16. When a professional body is relying on direct membership admission or MRA/RMA or other sort of freebie to achieve growth, is it a healthy condition? In future when most of the old aged CAs who had gone through the normal training route retired leaving only those who gained entry via dubious schemes to run/support the Institute. It could reach a point where no one is willing to join the training scheme of ICAEW since it’s too easy to get through by other routes.

    How can we assure the CA brand could pass on to our future generation?

    It seems Eric is taking illegal drug to stay alive. If he cut out completely he will die immediately but keep on taking would die slowly.

  17. I really do not see what advantage an ACCA, CIMA & CIPFA qualified with 5 years PQE can stand to gain by becoming a member of ICAEW.

    After 5 years PQE a person will have progressed far enough in his/her chosen career path for ACA letters to have no meaning whatsoever.

    The only advantage I can see is that the entrant would have access to ICAEW support facilities (eg CPD scheme).

    Allowing ACCA, CIMA & CIPFA with 5 years PQE is not poison to the ICAEW.

  18. There are many calls for AIA to be included in the ICAEW pathways to membership.

    Whereas I can understand why a student accountant would study for either ACA, CA, ACCA, CIMA, & CIPFA, I am at a loss to find a reason why someone would study for AIA.

    Would someone please explain why someone would study for AIA rather than the other Institutes listed above.

    Kind regards.

  19. Probably they want to be an international accountant instead of Chartered Accountant or Chartered Certified/Management Accountant, and find work in China, India or Bahrain.

  20. Ken,

    Download the application pack from the new ICAEW website.

    It is neither a case study nor an examination.

    It is an off-site form requiring details of experience.