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Monday, January 16, 2006

The Listening Institute

The Herald reports that the controversial plan for a name change of the ICAEW have not been mothballed.

The report notes that the ICAEW is waiting to hear the outcome of the MORI poll that it is conducting with some of the membership.

The article states:

"A spokesman for the ICAEW admitted, however, that the application will not be lodged before the body knows the results of a members' poll by Mori on the ICAEW's recent failed merger with public sector accountants' body CIPFA.

He said: "We will not do anything until we know what they (ICAEW members) think about it." .

Does this sudden desire by the ICAEW to listen to its members mark a change in policy of the Institute, or is this merely a face saving exercise to avoid yet another embarrassing defeat when the Privy Council rejects the proposal?

It is a pity that the ICAEW ignored the members last year, when it spent £1.4M on trying to persuade us to merge with CIPFA.

Comments, as always, welcome.


  1. Why does ICAEW want to change its name? Can anyone suggest any sensible logical or even emotional reason(s)?

  2. Any ICAEW members and/or staff who even so much as mention a change of name to ICA should be named and shamed.

    It really doesn't matter what any individual thinks, even if right, when the chance of a winning outcome is zero.

    Eric is seriously bad news and ...

  3. Anon 12.56,

    from what I see the change of name comes from a desire to get rid of the geographic restrictions that "England & Wales" implies, thus becoming international like CIMA and ACCA. There is also the argument along the lines of "see, we are THE ICA".