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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Closed Shop

Accountancy Age report that the ICAEW has named three candidates up for election as the institute's vice-president.

David Furst, Dennis Cox and Hilary Lindsay have applied for the role.

The successful candidate serves in the position for a year, before serving as deputy president for the same term, and then president the year after.

Two questions:

1 When were the nomination lists opened, and publicised, to the membership?

2 Why are the members, as a whole, not allowed to vote?

This does really rather resemble a closed shop, hardly the best structure for an organisation that claims that it wishes to be at the forefront of the profession in the 21st century!


  1. Each person should produce a manifesto of his objectives and we should all be allowed to vote.

    I would vote for the one that promised to reform the CCAB so that it became the real voice of the profession.

    That would mean an end to these endless proposed mergers.

    Of course I would also vote for anyone proposing to cut down the number of council members. This could easily be done over a period so that no present incumbent missed out.

  2. simple answer - membership fees strike - that should get their attention

  3. It's not only your council which operates in closed shop but POBA as well. It's always puzzled me how POBA make decision as to which overseas accounting body it recognises. It seems to me that POBA is just operated in a black box without any transparency at all. At least not like HKICPA that laid down detailed step and criteria for application and granting recognition.