Thursday, October 20, 2005

Poll Shows Members Against Merger

53% of ICAEW members are against the proposed merger with CIPFA, according to the poll conducted by Accountancy Age.

Accountancy Age also confirm the story featured on this site four days ago ("£1.4M Wasted"), that the cost of the merger campaign has been at least £1.4M.

Money well spent!


  1. Ken,

    President, Ian Morris, says "only £11 per member" but was that mere £11 his to fritter. Spam fritter.

    Other comments - please

  2. With 53% against, 39% against and 8% undecided there is no way the Council will win.

    We have won the day, even though we had miniscule funds.

  3. Anon 12.23,

    With the summary you have just given you have confirmed my suspicions about ICAEW!!!

    Or did you mean to type 39% for?

    Yours (quite) rudely,


  4. From what I have seen from my peer group (newly qualified), it is more like 92% against (53 + 39) and 8% who refused to comment.

  5. It is still early days to celebrate but the merger not going through will only be half victory for me.

    The remaining half will be to get enough members together so that we can all propose no more merger talk for the next 20 years and even then only with prior approval by members at EGM before further time and expenditure is incurred prior to a final members vote.

    The ICAEW is comprised of its members and it is the members who should be given a fair say before such fundamental decisions are finalised.

    If the merger fails, then it will be ICAEW's sixth failed attempt. That should be sufficient to confirm that council and members views have always been in conflict on this subject.

  6. Kamran,

    Nice to see you're back and I totally agree with your every word.

  7. Tomorrow (25 October) will be a historic day for our Institute.

    Does anyone know what is the quickest and most reliable way of getting the result and any related commentary.

  8. I saw a reference somewhere that the battles of Agincourt (1415) and Balaclava (1854) took place on 25th October.

  9. Looks like the poll was wrong then. Most ACAs who voted were in favour, if not quite enough.

    Still, it saves CIMA money as we won't have to vote now.