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Thursday, October 13, 2005

ICAS Update

Mike Hathorn, President of ICAS, has issued another open letter to the members of ICAS; which updates them on the issues surrounding the ICAEW name change proposal.

He starts by saying:

"I have been overwhelmed with the volume of responses in the last few days.."

The full text can be read here ICAS open letter.

The name issue is causing a lot of bad feeling, on an international level, and is something that could have been avoided if the ICAEW had properly thought the merger proposal through.

More to the point, the ICAEW should have conducted discussions with ICAS with a view to merging.


  1. I had thought some 80% of CIPFA members would be in favour of the merger; it now seems CIPFA may (underlined) not carry the day.

    What could one say if CIPFA voted "no" but ICAEW voted "yes"?

  2. Opinion (A/Age 13/10/05 p14 extract)

    "The other disappointing aspect of this campaign has been the lack of a coherent 'no' lobby."

    I have turned the volume down on my computer in case MAC responses might turn the air blue.

  3. "...is something that could have been avoided if the ICAEW had properly thought the merger proposal through."

    The same goes for CIPFA. There are two parties involved here.

  4. I do not think ICAS will ever merge with ICAEW because ICAEW Council are too foolish and arroganct to negotiate anything remotely acceptable to ICAS.

    In any event, it is hard to envisage the restoration of mutual trust.

    ICAS subs may be substantially higher but their members appear to be unamimously supportive of their senior representatives.

    The one lesson to be learnt from history is that nobody learns anything from history and those with power invariably fail to exercise reasonable judgment until it is too late.

    I think that a club with a large following could rein in any Council.