Thursday, May 02, 2013

Late Membership Cards

My thanks to Malcolm Bacchus for providing an explanation on the ICAEW Linkedin group as to why the ICAEW 2013 membership cards were sent out in the latter part of April.

"I'll try to answer some of this, but the last time I tried any form of answer to a query in this group I had people jump down my throat with phrases like "Institute lackey" and being generally rude. So I gave up - it is probably one of the reasons why others are also conspicuously quiet on what could be a useful place for a dialogue.

Anyway here goes. The issue was raised on Council today following the points made here. The delay in sending out membership cards arose because the cards printed (in accordance with the normal timing) were found, on arrival, to be of unacceptable quality. They were returned and a new supplier had to be found and new cards printed.

I would agree however that they could (should?) have been sent out with an explanation of why there was a delay although that would have marginally added to the cost. Perhaps the solution would have been to email members with an apology once it was known that cards would be late - but that is something now learnt.

As for not having cards, the issue is kept under review but the general feeling that we get from members is that the cards are worth having. The comments here that they are not (although even here that is not a unanimous view) is not representative of the membership as a whole at present. Accepted however that things may change in future. Members who do not want a membership card can opt out of having one. So please, if you feel they are not worthwhile, please do so, although please be aware - see below - that they can be helpful if you ever intend to visit Moorgate Place.

The cards are useful in ensuring that people using the chartered accountants' hall membership facilities are indeed members and they remind members of their membership number which is requested when they use those facilities. There are also telephone numbers on the back of the card which some members find helpful. And some members, believe it or not, just like them because they feel that as a member of an organisation one should have a membership card! As for not including the words "The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales" - this is a card for our own use, so it really doesn't need to remind us of that.

Useful comments in this discussion and, rest assured they have been taken on board and lessons learnt, even if you disagree with the answers.

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