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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Have CIMA Shot Themselves In The Foot?

Following the announcement by CIMA that they are to leave the seemingly moribund CCAB, there have been a number of comments posted on Accounting Web by members of CIMA.

Aside from the issue that none of them were consulted over this move, there is also the valid point being made that many accounting jobs require a CCAB qualification.

Now that CIMA have removed themselves from CCAB, does this not put their members at a disadvantage?

Have CIMA by their actions damaged their brand and made themselves and their members a lesser body or, does CIMA know that CCAB is about to implode and that this is in fact a canny move that ensures that they will avoid the chaos that will ensue?

1 comment:

  1. Ken,
    As I see it, "CCAB" is a cheaper way of advertising for "qualified accountants" by paying for 1 word instead of 2. In any case, as a generalism, people tend to try to recruit members of their own body, so it is likely to be less a problem than people think.

    I don't think it disadvantages CIMA members in any way. After all, we know we're the best! (Cue comments...).

    Anon for a good reason.

    ps I wonder what effect this will have on CCAB long term.