Thursday, July 17, 2008

Doomed To Failure

I agree with Damian Wild when he says that the campaign to "prevent unqualified accountants, tax and financial advisers providing services unless they have professionally recognised qualifications" is doomed to failure.

As he says:

"What do you do with the thousands of unqualified accountants who have offered sound advice for years?

Do the institutes offer an olive branch and a grandfathering scheme?

Or simply cast them adrift?

Who would oversee a new regime?

The Financial Reporting Council sees it as impossible to police and expensive to coordinate. So who would do it

The experience, quality, qualifications of the accountant and the professional body to which he/she belongs should guide the seeker of services to make a well informed choice as to who should provide their accountancy services/advice.

We do operate in free market, don't we?

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