Saturday, June 24, 2006

Durgan To Stand?

There are rumours emanating from the ICAEW bunker that indicate that Graham Durgan may be considering "re-accepting" the presidency.

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  1. It’s OK for ICAEW members to talk about the institutes worldwide rigorous standards/ethics and the future mergers.

    I have come across Association of Certified Public Accountants in Wigan promoting a direct membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Commonwealth based in New Zealand; you can call your self a ‘’ Chartered Accountant of the Commonwealth ‘’ and use designatory letters ACA (Com) or FCA (Com) after your name. You do not have to study or undergo any special training requirements, all you have to do is to join ACPA in Wigan and you will be eligible to a direct membership of the Institute. You can also find information on this Institute on the Companies Office website in New Zealand.

    Upon checking it has been identified that so called ‘’Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Commonwealth’’ is a private limited company setup in New Zealand in which Kevin Henry chief executive of ACPA Wigan hold 100% shares and is deceiving the public/members.

    What has your Institute ICAEW done to stop this?