Tuesday, December 06, 2005


The ICAEW has written to all its members today, to tell us that has hired MORI to conduct research into why the consolidation vote failed.


"Equally we need to understand why the minority who voted 'no' did so in order that we can regain your support for what we are trying to achieve as a professional body. Over the next few weeks we will be working with MORI on a short piece of member research which will examine why you voted as you did in order to help us with this analysis."

I wonder how much this research will cost, and why it is needed now that the merger issue has been finally put to rest?

Good money after bad!


  1. This is immoral and dishonest. If Eric and Council want this information they should pay for it personally.

    Bruce was right to ask how many more would have voted NO had the MAC campaign been fairly funded.

    Who knows that the Nays would not then have exceeded 50% of those voting?

    Eric and the entire Council should resign immediately. They have neither sense nor honour between them.

  2. Who do the clowns want to merge with now?

    How to they think the CIPFA vote would go were there a re-run?

    One way or another MAC will assuredly secure massive funding for a re-run.

  3. Please study statistics.

  4. I have passed three examinations in statistics and one in operational research. Thankyou.

    When I first read of Euclid's (so attributed) proof of the infinity of prime numbers I immediately wondered why he did not state three other proofs.

    My advice is to only respond to any poll upon receipt of a Bank Draft for £100 made payable to Members Against Consolidation.

  5. ICAEW is determined to merge.

  6. If the chartered qualification means anything, surely the ICAS & ICAI would merge with ICA.

  7. Just think. It is obvious why they would not

  8. Eric, with his usual ignorance, said "I personally am at a loss to understand why those 19,000 people voted the way that they did and we need to find that out."

    Much more importantly why did 37003, excluding Eric, listen to lies and foolishness and vote to destroy the Institute?

    Can those who are also members of CIOT (merely for example) think they could ever again be treated with such cavalier arrogance. Methinks not!

    It is obvious that 19322 saw light so now there is no need for further investigation and expense. Eric; just work on the KISS principle and stick to your personal level of incompetence.