Monday, September 26, 2005

ICAEW Merger Resolution

Those members of the ICAEW who wish to take an early look at the merger resolution should visit CIPFA's site, where they publish it in full.

The relevant section of the site can be accessed via this link CIPFA.


  1. Ken,

    It is both interesting and instructive to see the exact number of ICAEW members doing CIPFA work and vice versa.

  2. Excellent news that the merger has failed. The ICAEW should now stop wasting members' money. Hopefully we will now see some reflection, the ICAEW engaging with what grass roots members really want, and an end to the annual above inflation subscription hikes.

  3. Well i suppose the merger stopped because of perceived snobbery of some ICAEW members :) this is clearly good news for ACCA, as beleive in providing opportunity to talended people to become an accountant in rather a cost affective way. Absolutely hilarious that there are existense of more than 6 professional accountancy bodies in the UK.

  4. I'm a ACA from Sri Lanka. Those days we regarded ICAEW as a utmost prestigious qualification. But, from October 2010 ICAEW has offered membership to all Sri Lankan ACA members with only 4 papers to be sat. No additional training is required what so ever. Hence, now I'm able to easily become an ICAEW member.
    As such I don't understand what's the big fuss ICAEW has in merging with ACCA-UK?...they could be more stronger if they merger and leverage each of their that they could become the strongest accounting body in the world with wide presence all over the world !!...(ACCA' strength of global presence+ICAEW strength of prestige)= Global Leader in Accountancy Body