Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Call For Resignation

Bruce Lawson, who is leading the Welsh campaign against the merger, communicated the results of his straw poll to Ian Morris (President of the ICAEW) in a meeting last Thursday.


"The second straw poll we have taken, which I will communicate to Accountancy magazine, has indicated that from 300 practising members, 47 were against, 2 were in favour, 8 were undecided and the rest did not reply. I think it would be unwise to assume that the non-replies mean that they are in favour of the 'consolidation proposals'".

He notes on his website that if the merger proposal is not voted through, then the CEO of the ICAEW should resign.

To read more, visit Bruce's site, and scroll down to the bottom.


  1. Ken,

    Is this not personal? To demand the resignation of all Council members, seems to me to be wholly more reasonable

  2. From my own perspective, every young ACA I have spoken to is against the merger. Those of more senior years do not care, and say they won't bother to vote. The only people I have found who are in favour of the merger are CPFAs.

  3. Thanks for that Anom,

    I am not that surprised that the "young" ACA's are anti merger; doubtless they still well remember the amount of effort that they had to expend, in order to pass the exams.

    It is worrying that the "senior" members (I am I count as "senior"?) don't, if you are correct, care.

    There is a danger that the merger vote will be carried, if turnout is a low as it was when the subs vote was passed.

    I hope all of you who visit this site will tell your fellow accountants to visit this site and vote.