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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Questions For The Institute

I have a few questions for the ICAEW, in respect of the merger:

1 How much is the merger expected to cost, if it gets the green light?

2 How much of the members' money has been spent, and will be spent, on trying to persuade us to support this ill conceived proposal?

3 How was the CEO of the ICAEW able to persuade the Council to approve the
merger proposals, given the fact that he knew that CIMA had in effect rejected it?

4 Are there going to be two Councils, eg ICAEW Council and Super Institute Council?

5 What is the Institute's plan "B" for going forward, when the merger proposal is roundly rejected by the membership?

I know that the ICAEW in Milton Keynes regularly read this site, and would therefore be grateful if they could post the answers to these questions here.

Many thanks.

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